The First Novel is under way

The First Novel is under way

Arty was busy working last night. He has an idea for his first novel. This is what the characters Cutlass Cat and Doom Dog were created for. He has drawn some sketches of the setting for the book and some of the other leading characters, including Uncle Rodrigo whom you can just see in this picture. He is an older character with a handsome moustache. I will let Arty tell you more soon, when he is on holidays. Right now he is busy with school and having a fractured elbow.

Mighty Bean Manor

photo 3 photo 4

I made this by myself and it’s completely Mighty Beans in it. Just so you know, it’s Hugo talking, not Arty. It’s got a little extra green and yellow in it because it makes it all the more better to look at. I call it Mighty Bean Manor because it’s got Mighty Beans and it’s a really big building. All the Mighty Beans in Mighty Bean Manor are having a party so they’re all in the one room. And there’s one on the side because I forgot to put him back in. Some of my Mighty Beans aren’t in there. I hope you like my creation I decided to put on my brother’s blog. And I want to have my own blog so I can put stuff on my own blog but I don’t have my own blog so I can’t put stuff on my own blog because I don’t have one.