1. I really love all of your cartoons/stories. Each one just gets better and better! I think they are very funny – the drawings are just great too! I just love the picture of Bert dive bombing into the pool and the cartoon where Dim Wit meets Pongo. I’m looking forward to reading more! Gail

    • Arthur here, Thank you for your comments,Gail.I am deffinitely going to make more Bert and Dim-Wit comics soon.

      • Hi Arthur and Judy
        My friend Pam has just called in. I showed her your Bert and Dim-Wit comics Arthur and she loved them. She loved your sense of humour. She wondered if she might use one of them in the Jack Russell Club of Australia’s newsletter which she puts together. Let me know what you think!
        Cheers Gail

      • Hi Gail,I think that would be good.Thank you for telling me.
        P.S.Could I please get a copy of that newsletter?
        From Arthur.

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