Mighty Bean Manor

photo 3 photo 4

I made this by myself and it’s completely Mighty Beans in it. Just so you know, it’s Hugo talking, not Arty. It’s got a little extra green and yellow in it because it makes it all the more better to look at. I call it Mighty Bean Manor because it’s got Mighty Beans and it’s a really big building. All the Mighty Beans in Mighty Bean Manor are having a party so they’re all in the one room. And there’s one on the side because I forgot to put him back in. Some of my Mighty Beans aren’t in there. I hope you like my creation I decided to put on my brother’s blog. And I want to have my own blog so I can put stuff on my own blog but I don’t have my own blog so I can’t put stuff on my own blog because I don’t have one.


  1. I love Mighty Bean Manor and I think all those beans must be having a great time at the party! And yes Hugo – I think you really need a blog too!

    • It’s Hugo here. I have been begging Mum for my own blog and she says she will give me one soon. I have made other Mighty Bean Manors as well.
      Mighty Bean Manor was made by a special box of our blocks. See you on Easter!
      Hugo xxxxxx =)

  2. Hello Hugo, I was a bit puzzled when I first saw your Manor because I didn’t know what a Mighty Bean was, but is it a little figure?

    But anyway I like the pattern of it, its very pleasing and I am glad you now have your own blog. I looked forward to seeing
    your work on it.

    See you on Friday ( I can’t wait ). Pa Ray x

    PS. please tell Arthur that I like his pattern too.

    • Thanks Pa! I haven’t got my blog yet but Mum’s going to do it as soon as she can. I can’t wait to see you soon on Easter.

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