The First Novel is under way

The First Novel is under way

Arty was busy working last night. He has an idea for his first novel. This is what the characters Cutlass Cat and Doom Dog were created for. He has drawn some sketches of the setting for the book and some of the other leading characters, including Uncle Rodrigo whom you can just see in this picture. He is an older character with a handsome moustache. I will let Arty tell you more soon, when he is on holidays. Right now he is busy with school and having a fractured elbow.


  1. How exciting to be writing a novel Arthur!. You can create any characters that you like and they can do whatever exciting and amazing things you want them to and you can draw lots of pictures! I love the title: “The Secret of Magpie Island.”

    Will some humorous as well as mysterious things happen in your novel? Will we get to find out how Cutlass Cat got his peg leg and eye-patch? And where did he meet Doom Dog? Looking forward to finding out all about this treacherous pair and also meeting Jasper, Philip and Uncle Rodrigos. Happy writing – Nanna Gail

  2. Well Arthur, this is something to look forward to. Will we find out who they have to battle to find out the secret of Magpie Mountain? I can’t imagine what it could possibly be. I am excited already!

  3. I like the way you’ve drawn Jasper, the dragon & the pirate ship Arthur. Will they all be on Magpie Mountain?

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