The Dogs of Digby

I have decided that I’d rather do a book about dogs than The Secret of Magpie Mountain. I think that it is going to be a very good book.

Here are some of the characters.


Harry is the main character of my new book. He is a greyhound.


Zeke is a whippet and is very, very fast. (I’ll write more about their personalities in the book.)


Jackson is a bulldog and can be very easily scared.


Herman is a fox terrier and he’s quite nice but can be quite cheeky at times.


The twins Zoe and Maxwell are dalmatians and the only way you can tell them apart is the size of their spots.


Tiny is rather small, even for a chihuahua. Though sometimes he can be a bit vicious.


Christina is a very beautiful Jack Russell who all the boys are in love with. She is best friends with Caroline and is into romance.


I’m not sure yet what Caroline is like.


Cat is a cat and as we all know, cats do not like dogs.

One comment

  1. Hi Art your characters are great. They made me laugh. I particularly like Christina , the Dalmation twins. I think poodles are a bit ditzzy. Keep writing and drawing. Hope your arm’s better.

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