1. Hi Arthur, you just keep getting better and better. To say I am impressed is a vast understatement — I am VERY,VERY impressed, Silent night is brilliant!! And all the dog characters too. They should make a good story; I look forward to it.

  2. I thought the Dogs of Digby was great, but this is fabulous Arthur. It’s dark and moody. I love the inky trees, the flash of light on the big tree and the hint of blue around trees and in the sleet or is it snow? I also like your name written in the grasses at the bottom! The owl is awesome!

    • Hi Gail, Thanks for the lovely comments. Arthur gets very excited when people leave a comment or ‘like’ his posts, but he doesn’t seem to enjoy writing on the blog or in the comments section. I think he feels self conscious and doesn’t know what is the correct etiquette. It’s all a bit much for a 9 year old and I just want it to be fun for him. So I’m replying on his behalf. THANK YOU for your kind comments! See Ray’s reply for a bit of background (or rather foreground) on the signatures in the grass. J xx

  3. I am very,very impressed with “Silent Night” Arthur. Its a wonderful painting and I didn’t realize it is your signature swirling along the bottom until Nanna Gail pointed it out. Plus I love all your new dogs and I am looking forward to their story.

    • Hi Ray, Arthur is really chuffed with the comments. He just doesn’t seem to know what to say to reply to them, and that’s okay. I’ll reply for him. I asked him about the signature and he laughed. He said that when he started he wasn’t expecting the picture to be any good, and he drew the trees and bushes first and then decided to practice making up a signature along the bottom. (you can see at least 3 signatures along there if you look closely) But it turned out to look good as grass. And then he added the rest of the scene and liked it. So there you are! A grassy signature.

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