Melbourne Zoo

A hairy, toothy, flippery day out

Zoo 1 sml

The last Friday of the holidays was Zoo Day. Arty, Hugo, Harry and I went to Melbourne Zoo, taking trains there, and tram and trains back.

We started off enthusiastically drawing nearly every animal.

Zoo 2 southern hairy nosed wombat

Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat (who walked off before Arty could finish her)

Zoo 3 sml eclectus parrot and pink cockatoo

Eclectus Parrot and Pink Cockatoo – who were preening themselves just above the boardwalk in the Great Flight Aviary

Zoo 4 sml great flight aviary

A selection of other birds from the Great Flight Aviary (these might look good with the indian ink treatment!)

But we soon realised that there was a long Animal Agenda (democratically decided by the boys) and we’d never get through it if we drew everything.

zoo map sml

On the map, we circled the MUST SEEs, and dot circled the MAYBE MUST SEEs.

Luckily Arty had his old hand-me-down digital camera which was quicker to use than a sketchpad.

IMG_2762 IMG_2763-2 IMG_2764-3

The sociable Pygmy Hippo put on an excellent show of making underwater faces through the glass at everyone.

Unfortunately, we weren’t quick enough to get to the reptile house and platypus house before they closed. But we made it out the gates before we were locked in for the night.

So most of the drawing was done on the train on the way home. And why not?

Zoo 6 sml train monster

A relative of the pygmy hippo, I think

Zoo 5 sml train robot

A relative of somebody on the train?

Zoo 8 sml grim reaper

Didn’t see this guy on the train, thankfully

Zoo 7 sml train WEIRD

My favourite! WEIRD who is so special that he deserves his own stage to stand on.


One comment

  1. You seemed to had a great time at the zoo. Loved that hairy-nosed wombat! Great idea to use the camera. Did you get to see the gorillas. Pa finally found the photos of you with the gorillas when you were little. He’s sending them on. Scary people you drew on the train!!! I had a lovely morning today painting pictures without a brush. Great fun. I’ll post a picture to you!

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