Nerd Animals

I did these on a GATEways excursion at Werribee Zoo. We were looking at gorillas, so I tried to draw one with glasses on. Then, when I’d finished it, I decided that I’d do lots more animals with glasses on so I called them the Nerd Animals.

nerd animals - low res in order across: meerkat, gorilla, bird, pig, hippo, lion, rhino, alligator


  1. Great drawings Arthur! I really like the nerdy look. Did you have a great excursion to the zoo? I think you said you had two excursions to Werribee, so will there be one more to come? You would have loved where we stayed at Brunswick Heads. There were so many birds and fish. It was great! Nanna Gail

    • Thank you! The black hairy thing in the middle is a gorilla – I just forgot they didn’t have hair on their faces!


  2. What a clever idea Arthur — it makes those animals look pretty smart. Excellent drawing, you have really captured the look of them. I hope you keep all of these sketches safely.

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