Collage frenzy

After finishing a school history project using collage as his medium, Arty decided to make a collage for fun to celebrate a free Saturday morning. Yaay! Great way to celebrate.

Here are 2 snaps of his work in progress and one of the final artwork, The Cockatoos’ Wedding.

Working at kitchen bench

work in progress

finished artwork


I will try to find out the name of the artist who painted the gang gang cockatoos at centre as I am pretty sure she is a contemporary artist working today in Victoria and selling cards. She deserves a credit and link here as her work has formed the central focus of Arthur’s collage. (We had a little chat about that complicated issue… copyright!)




  1. Hi Arthur
    I just love this beautiful collage and the title. I love your choice of colours, the birds and the tree. How wonderful to have time to sit and just do something that takes your fancy!

    And guess what I’m doing today – I’m going to finish a collage I started a few days back. It won’t be as beautiful as yours but I am certainly enjoying doing it. I’ll send a photo when I’m done! It’s a city scene! I’ve used pieces of newsprint and orange and red paint.

    Have another great relaxing day today doing more of what you enjoy!
    Nanna G xxx

  2. Hi Arthur,
    What a great picture you have made; I like the design layout, the colour and grouping of all those birds. I bet you had a lot of fun doing it. Top marks!!!
    Pa Ray xx

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