1. I never knew there were 56 different expressions that you could twist your face into Arthur. Thanks for the instruction.
    Well done.
    Pa Ray.

    • Dear Pa, Thank you. I could probably think of more, and I was mostly changing the eyebrows and mouth expressions. I really like your artwork, especially the one of the man fishing. Love from Arthur

  2. I love all these expressions – more than one a day for a month . Here are some words I thought of to to match the expressions on the faces:
    angry, amused, anticipating, annoyed; belligerent, bullying, bold, bored or bemused; cranky, crabby, cheeky or churlish; diabolical or dreaming; furious, frowning, frazzled, fretful, fiendish, frightened and flushed; ghoulish,grinning, grumpy or glaring; happy, hopeful, harried and helpful; quizzical and querulous; relaxed, rollicking and rowdy; sad, soulful, smiling, serene or serious; tired, touchy or tough; weary, wall-eyed, wan, warm and wavering.
    Not forgetting the zombie face! I’m sure there’s one there somewhere! Love N.Gail xx

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