Mona Lisa Meerkat

Work in progress for Animalia Exhibition. Charcoal sketches through to acrylic on canvas. An eventful journey.









  1. I love this meerkat Arthur. He’s looks such a happy fellow. Fabulous colours you’ve used – they sing! Your working sketches are great too. I will fill in an enrolment form and hand it in tomorrow if you like. Will you want to sell this painting? If you did, Pa and I would like to buy it.

  2. I agree with Nanna Gail Arthur, you are handling charcoal sketches very well and the acrylics are very appealing too.
    I notice Judy says “work in progress”. Have you got more underway?
    Pa Ray

    • Hi Ray, it’s finished and going to the framer’s today. I really meant that it showed the progress of the work through a series of photos as it was in progress. But the last photo is the finished painting. He is really, really pleased with it, although he had a hard time at the sketching stage because he didn’t like what he had done, and got quite upset. A walk with in the park the dog seemed to fix that 🙂

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