A Piratical Preoccupation

One of Arty’s interests at the moment is pirates. No doubt as a result of a small set of pirate characters bought at the toy shop while visiting his grandparents in Camperdown. They have sparked off a series of illustrations (only a couple of which are pictured here) and three songs. Arty has begun to add a melody to one of the songs and sings along to it on the piano. Perhaps we will be able to post a recording at some stage.

Some of the drawings

pirates pirates 2 pirates 1


The three songs

pirate song 1

pirate song 1 ‘Lost at Sea’

pirate song 2

pirate song 2 – ‘A Pirate’s Life for Me’

pirate song 3

pirate song 3 – ‘Buried Treasure’


  1. Hi Arthur

    I love your pirates and your pirate poems. Aunty Bet is sitting beside me now and she thinks the drawings are marvellous too. She says she needs you to teach her how to draw.

    I’m looking forward to hearing your pirate songs on disc. Thanks for posting these on your blog.


    Nanna Gail xxxxxx

  2. I’ve just been enjoying your pirate drawings Arthur, and then I moved on to pirate songs – they are all marvellous. I can’t wait to here the music you’ve written to go with them. Great ideas !!!
    Pa Ray. xx

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