Fragments – getting the ol’ blog up and running again

I’m popping some stuff up to get the ball rolling again. Arthur can take over when I’ve got time to teach him how to scan. The software is a bit tricky.

First up, Arty’s modification of a postcard from the Melbourne Immigration Museum. He’s going through a phase of taking famous faces and modifying them. This cityscape got the same treatment. I added the colour because I couldn’t resist!

arthur postcard with judy colour


Then on the topic of angry lizards…

angry lizard



And angry pirates…


unfinished pirates

Pirates threatening an unfinished pirate who can’t defend himself

Let’s keep this balanced. Here is a friendly lizard. His name is Squiggle. He’s part of an unfinished story illustrated with felt tip and collage.

Squiggle - 1

Squiggle - 2

Squiggle - 3

…to be continued

More Australian bush creatures below.

Australian Outback

And another unfinished story.

I love the Dogs of Dogby. I really hope Arty finishes this one.

Dogs of Dogby - 1

Dogs of Dogby - 2

Dogs of Dogby - 3



Stay tuned for Arthur’s month of cartoons, coming soon!

One comment

  1. Hi Arthur

    I love these posts. I particularly like the pirates – I think the pirate with the beard looks a bit like Pa Ray.

    I’m really looking forward to the next instalment of the Dogs of Dogby!


    Nanna Ga

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