Starting tomorrow… ART’S MONTH OF COMICS!

Tomorrow will be the first day of December, so I have been planning… A month of comics!



Art's comics general banner

I have been creating lots of comics, and new series of comics, including:

The Raccoon Brothers,

R Bros banner grey lores


working sheet - Raccoon Bros lores

Character page


A Dog’s Life,

Dogs Life banner lores

Cat-man and Sparrow,


cat-man and Sparrow banner lores

some more Bert and Dim-wit,

Bert & Dimwit bannergrey flat


and I even found some of my older comics, that I did for school, called Buzz and Squeak!

buzz & squeak banner grey flat

These are my collector cards that I made in my spare time, explaining about all my cartoon characters.

reverse side collector card

Bert and Dimwit collector cards lores grey  Cat-man&Sparrow collector cards lores grey Dogs Life collector cards lores grey Raccoon Bros collector cards lores grey

Buzz&Squeak collector cards lores grey

New Look Art’s Art

Arty has just spent several hours drawing banners for all his comic strips and a new banner for his blog. He then had a lesson in PhotoShop to colour in his new red banner. Yaaay!

Look out for Arty’s Month of Comics, coming soon! (We weren’t quite ready to start on the first day of November.)

restaurant place mat in progress

At school we are doing a restaurant day so each member of our class has to design a place mat for the day. It took me two sessions to draw this, and I haven’t finished colouring it in. It is sort of Tom Gates style, but I’ve added my own style into it. The skull with the flames coming out of the back is sort of my temporary logo, so I decided to put it on there. The restaurant is called happiness on a plate, by the way. I will post the finished copy up soon.

Restaurant placemat in progress

Restaurant placemat in progress