From napkin to paper… the birth of ‘A Dog’s Life‘

head portraits


the very first drawing

walkiesbaby poolbaby pool 2

candles from Garfield

idea borrowed from Garfield


candles 2

Rover fetches

Rover fetches

jack fetches

Jack fetches (not)


jack fetches 2

bury unbury


squirrelsquirrel 2  love

butterfliessuppertime tv

cat flap

Starting tomorrow… ART’S MONTH OF COMICS!

Tomorrow will be the first day of December, so I have been planning… A month of comics!



Art's comics general banner

I have been creating lots of comics, and new series of comics, including:

The Raccoon Brothers,

R Bros banner grey lores


working sheet - Raccoon Bros lores

Character page


A Dog’s Life,

Dogs Life banner lores

Cat-man and Sparrow,


cat-man and Sparrow banner lores

some more Bert and Dim-wit,

Bert & Dimwit bannergrey flat


and I even found some of my older comics, that I did for school, called Buzz and Squeak!

buzz & squeak banner grey flat

These are my collector cards that I made in my spare time, explaining about all my cartoon characters.

reverse side collector card

Bert and Dimwit collector cards lores grey  Cat-man&Sparrow collector cards lores grey Dogs Life collector cards lores grey Raccoon Bros collector cards lores grey

Buzz&Squeak collector cards lores grey

A Piratical Preoccupation

One of Arty’s interests at the moment is pirates. No doubt as a result of a small set of pirate characters bought at the toy shop while visiting his grandparents in Camperdown. They have sparked off a series of illustrations (only a couple of which are pictured here) and three songs. Arty has begun to add a melody to one of the songs and sings along to it on the piano. Perhaps we will be able to post a recording at some stage.

Some of the drawings

pirates pirates 2 pirates 1


The three songs

pirate song 1

pirate song 1 ‘Lost at Sea’

pirate song 2

pirate song 2 – ‘A Pirate’s Life for Me’

pirate song 3

pirate song 3 – ‘Buried Treasure’