Bonus Material – PLACES

bonus material - bird world

Bird World

bonus material - birds eye view

Bird’s Eye View


bonus material - eagle's eye view

Eagle’s Eye View

bonus material - space world

Asteroid’s Eye View

bonus material - wacky ecosystem

Wacky Ecosystem

bonus material - under sea

Undersea World


Silly Undersea World

Silly Undersea World

A Piratical Preoccupation

One of Arty’s interests at the moment is pirates. No doubt as a result of a small set of pirate characters bought at the toy shop while visiting his grandparents in Camperdown. They have sparked off a series of illustrations (only a couple of which are pictured here) and three songs. Arty has begun to add a melody to one of the songs and sings along to it on the piano. Perhaps we will be able to post a recording at some stage.

Some of the drawings

pirates pirates 2 pirates 1


The three songs

pirate song 1

pirate song 1 ‘Lost at Sea’

pirate song 2

pirate song 2 – ‘A Pirate’s Life for Me’

pirate song 3

pirate song 3 – ‘Buried Treasure’


This is a lovely technique the school art teacher Danielle Searles taught Grade 4. Apply coloured textas and then spatter with water until the desired effect is achieved. Cut and glue to make pansy-like flowers. I really like the soft watery effect. You could use this many ways.




King Richard II, holidaying on a Beaumaris beach

Here are Arty’s sketches from the beach the day we did altered books together. He was drawing in a battered copy of King Richard II from the op shop. His drawings bear no relationship to the text except that he has created a few new versions of Richard II.

However, I found it satisfying in some cases to find a few words from the text to make a caption for the pictures.

half title page - I think this is Hagrid from the Harry Potter books.

half title page – I think Hagrid wandered in here…

Title page - King Hard (well hard!)

Title page – King Hard (well hard!)

Notes on the text: yikes!

Note to the third edition

Richard the Kid

‘Minor changes are these’

Love this fellow :-)

‘one usurping the regal place’

Possibly the most trustworthy of the kings on offer?

‘setting aside geographical considerations’

Page xxiii dog. He looks quite a lot like a xxiii dog.

Page xxiii dog. ‘equally wicked and foolish’

xxv dog sniffing... 'heaven-sent rights'

xxv dog sniffing… ‘heaven-sent rights’

xxvii dog

xxvii dog ‘She is more spirited than Richard’

xxix dog - very butch

xxix dog – ‘heaven helps those who help themselves’

The dramatic beginning to the text

Here commenceth KING RICHARD II

Act 1 - 'I have, my liege'

Act 1, scene 1 ‘I have, my liege’

Act 1 Scene 1, 'Pale trembling coward, there I throw my gage,'

Act 1 Scene 1 ‘Pale trembling coward, there I throw my gage,’

'Once did I lay an ambush for your life'

Act 1, Scene1 ‘Once did I lay an ambush for your life’

dogs perplexed

Act 1, Scene 1 ‘Lord marshall, command our officers-at-arms’

Act 1, Scene 2 'His deputy anointed in His sight.'

Act 1, Scene 2 ‘His deputy anointed in His sight.’

Act 2, Scene 2 'Farewell at once, —for once, for all, and ever.'

Act 2, Scene 2 ‘Farewell at once, —for once, for all, and ever.’

Act 2, Scene 3 'tic, tick, tic'

Act 2, Scene 3 ‘tic, tic, tic’

Wow, what a cliffhanger!